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Annotate screenshot

Paste a screenshot and annotate it with text, shapes or icons. Draw on your screenshot or blur parts of it. Crop or resize and save it to your device.

Annotate screenshot

Hit [Ctrl]-V to paste your screenshot, drag a screenshot here or click browse to select one.

Files you select here are not sent to our server.

[Ctrl] O
Open image file
[Ctrl] S
Save annotated image file
Cancel current operation
[Ctrl] Z
[Ctrl] Y
[Ctrl] C
Copy object
[Ctrl] V
Paste object
◄ ▲ ▼ ►
Move object
[Ctrl] ◄ ►
Rotate object
B Shift B
Send backwards / to back
F Shift F
Bring forward / to front
Delete object
Shift X
Flip object horizontally
Shift Y
Flip object vertically