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Annotate PDF document

Annotate a PDF document with text, icons, shapes or images. Blur text or images in the PDF and sign a PDF document with your signature and/or initials. Save your annotations back to the PDF document.

Select PDF file

Drop the PDF file you want to annotate here, or click browse to select one.

Files you select here are not sent to our server.

Shift PageUp
Previous page
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Next page
[Ctrl] O
Open PDF file
[Ctrl] S
Save annotated PDF file
Cancel current operation
[Ctrl] C
Copy object
[Ctrl] V
Paste object (even on another page in PDF document)
◄ ▲ ▼ ►
Move object
[Ctrl] ◄ ►
Rotate object
B Shift B
Send backwards / to back
F Shift F
Bring forward / to front
Delete object
Shift X
Flip object horizontally
Shift Y
Flip object vertically